Why isn’t the Skoda more popular?

There was a time that Skoda was the butt of many jokes referring to the vehicle’s quality but Skoda has moved on since those days; Skoda was taken over by Volkswagen in 1990 and the car is now effectively a Volkswagen.


It is not that Skoda is doing badly; we have companies where virtually their whole fleet is made up of Skoda contract hire vehicles. The company has 2% of the market and although they are improving year on year, shouldn’t they be doing better?


When you look at Skoda car leasing costs the prices are such good value for money. Our Most popular Skoda lease car if the Fabia; a Supermini which will seat four large adults and has a good sized boot, which is unusual in this class. The Fabia doesn’t have the most modern of interiors but overall it is a very good car and cheap to run.


Our second most popular Skoda contract hire car is the Octavia. It has the basic components of VW Golf but it is bigger and it looks great. It offers such good value for money, you can have an Octavia lease car for as little as £204 per month and the entry model is a diesel. The range is enormous; we have on offer a total of 105 different Skoda Octavia car leasing models.


So why isn’t the Skoda more popular? VW have  8.5% of the market compared with Skoda’s 2%. Is it that some people still find the Skoda a Joke? If so the joke is on them because the Skoda is an excellent car.


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