Where have all the designers gone?


Up until recently car designers used to take a certain amount of risk when designing a new model, in order to come up with something different and exciting. Apart from one or two notable exceptions this worked very well.

Where coming up with something different has tended not to work is where a model already looked great and for the sake of change the designers tried to come up with something new. This is a mistake that Porsche rarely makes; if they have a winning design they stick with it. Although a completely new design for the Porsche Cayenne wouldn’t be a bad idea.

So what is happening now? Manufacturers seem to all be going for what one motoring journalist called “Carved from a single lump of granite school of architecture” Everything seems to be a smaller or larger version of something else.

Many feel that BMW have lost the plot with the 5 Series GT and there is often some confusion, amongst those who don’t know the models well, as to whether they are seeing a BMW 7 Series or a 5 Series driving down the road. In fact if you choose the 5 Series in the right colour, one that makes it look larger, hardly anyone will know the difference and you will save yourself £460 per month in contract hire payments.



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