What is the difference between Nissan and Mitsubishi?


The difference between the two manufacturers is about 80,000 sales per annum. During 2011 Mitsubishi registered 9,113 vehicles in the UK and Nissan 96,269. So why are we flooded out with enquiries for Nissan contract hire and yet have very few enquiries from those looking to lease a Mitsubishi. Even in the case of Honda which is far more popular than Mitsubishi, we still only have half the number of clients requesting Honda leasing as we do Nissan and this is borne out by the sales figures;  Honda registered just over 50,000 vehicles in the UK during 2011.

So how do Nissan achieve such strong sales compared with its competition? Basically by having a knack of knowing just what the motoring public want, sometimes even surprising themselves; before the Quashqai was released we were unable to cope with the number of orders from those looking to lease a Nissan Qashqai and indeed Nissan has struggled to keep up with the demand ever since.

When Nissan brought out the Juke many observers said it looked odd and wouldn’t catch on and yet we were overwhelmed with Nissan Juke contract hire orders and this model has somehow managed to push its way into this very crowded SUV market and enjoy great success; quite an achievement. 

The Micra is another very popular model; Nissan cars always look somehow different and unusual but the motoring public like them and the Micra is a good example of this. Apart from its appearance it has a lot going for it; very low emissions, 56 mpg and a Euro NCAP five star safety rating, you can lease a Nissan Micra for an incredibly low £119 plus Vat per month. Perhaps the secret is that Nissan give their designers a free reign rather than meddling with the designs, which is what we understand many manufacturers do.



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