Renault’s all electric Supermini.


The Zoe will be available as a Renault contract hire model as from spring 2012. We are already receiving enquiries from Nissan Leaf  leasing clients whose contracts are expiring in 2012; they are saying they prefer the look of the Zoe.

This is the car that when it was first announced, the French parents of a child named Zoe took Renault to court; they said calling the car Zoe would make their child a laughing stock. Some make think that taking Renault to court may stand more chance of making their child a laughing stock and they couldn’t explain why children called Clio weren’t also a laughing stock.

We expect this car will give our Renault leasing sales a welcome boost; Renault has slipped in popularity with our leasing clients in recent years, although perhaps in part because we see Audi contract hire as tremendous value for money and tend to recommend this manufacturer. However Renault has some excellent models available now and we see our Renault leasing sales increasing over the next few years.

The Zoe can do 100 miles when fully recharged, many motorists see this as a problem but in fact few motorists do more than 100 miles in one hit. The car looks great both inside and out; it is set to be a real winner got Renault. Our two other popular Renault leasing models are:

Clio. Renault contract hire is very popular and with justification, the car has class and style and is often chosen over its competitors for its image. Renault Clio leasing costs, starts at a very reasonable £156 plus Vat per month.

Megane. Renault Megane leasing is another big seller. The car is safe and comfortable and the interior has a luxury feel about it, depending on the model you can get over 60 mpg and the car looks great and a Renault Megane lease will cost you £230 plus Vat per month, for the entry model.

All the indications are that Renault contract hire is going to represent an increasing proportion of our contract hire sales over the coming years.


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