Not sure which car to contract hire?

Why not look at the UK's top selling cars? They are popular for a reason. The Ford Fiesta is the UK top selling car and with justification; it looks great and it’s surprisingly roomy inside. Some motoring journalists have said it becomes a bit uncomfortable on long journeys and is a little on the noisy side on motorways but the fact is the Fiesta is a city car and if you are not over critical it’s fine for long journeys too. The car has a lot going for it and has been in the number one spot for a long time now. Ford Fiesta contract hire starts at £172 plus Vat per month.

Number two spot is held by Ford again with the Focus. Ford has improved their range enormously. This is a great car to drive and is equally comfortable on the motorway as it is on twisting country lanes; it also has a luxury feel to the interior. You can lease a Ford Focus from £260 plus Vat per month.

Number three position goes to the Vauxhall Corsa . The Corsa is sporty and attractive and we have over ninety different Vauxhall Corsa contract hire offers on our website. There was a time when Vauxhalls were almost exclusively company cars; driven by employees who didn’t have a choice. With private buyers opting for other manufacturers but not any more; Vauxhall have improved all their models, they have moved up market and the Corsa is a perfect example of that. You can lease a Vaxhall Corsa for just £165 plus vat per month.

Another Vauxhall is in fourth place with the Insignia. To know why its one of the UK’s top selling cars, you just have to look at it; it has wonderful lines and a lot of class. We have over two hundred different models on offer, Vauxhall Insignia leasing starts at £258 plus Vat per month.

And again Vauxhall are in fifth position with the Astra. This car was also at one time only really driven as a company car but is now so attractive that the market has opened right up for this car. It’s comfortable to drive and great on cornering; the interior is finished to a high standard and on top of all this it’s not expensive; Vauxhall Astra contract hire starts at £218 plus Vat per month.


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