Is Audi’s three year warranty long enough?

Audi is by far our most popular contract hire manufacturer but should they in view of what other manufacturers are now offering, provide a longer warranty? And will some of our Audi car leasing clients start to switch their fleet to other manufacturers that are offering so much more?

We tend to think not because whilst Audi may in the future change the terms of their warranty, the fact is that it is so rare for an Audi to go wrong. We provide a very close personal service to our contract hire clients and we are generally the first to hear if a client’s car goes wrong and we just don’t hear from our Audi car leasing clients, once we have delivered the vehicle.

To be fair the same can be said of BMW but unfortunately not all manufacturers, the highest levels of breakdowns we experience are with French manufactures. So in spite of all the five year, seven year and "lifetime warranties", our money is on Audi contract hire.




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