How to save your life whilst saving money.

If you regularly check your car’s tyre pressure it can make the difference between living and dying in a road traffic accident; wrongly inflated tyres can significantly change your braking distances and cornering. It can of course also avoid the accident all together.

Tyres should be checked on a regular basis and the correct tyre pressure should be set when the tyres are cold; ideally you should have your own tyre pressure gauge at home. The tyres should be checked not only to ensure that they have the correct pressure but also that the tyre wear is even.

It is also important not to mistake a safe level of tread with the legal limit. If you allow your tyres to go down to the legal limit before changing them you are also at greater risk of having an accident; braking distances are greatly increased as tyre tread is approaching the legal limit.

If you are in an accident that has been caused by you and your insurer finds that the tyres were incorrectly inflated, they may refuse to pay out the claim. Your vehicle must be in a roadworthy condition to comply with the terms and conditions of your insurance.

If you keep your tyres correctly inflated, apart from saving your life and perhaps that of your children, you can greatly improve fuel economy, under inflated tyres cause a tremendous amount of drag, which burns more fuel. 


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