Honda Cr-v car leasing

Honda Cr-v contract hire offers excellent value for money, especially when you compare it with its main competitors, which are the Volvo XC60 , the Toyota Rav 4 and the BMW X1 . Honda Cr-v leasing is very popular with those who have a family as it has lots of storage space, it also has the advantage of providing plenty of room for rear passengers; even large adults. 

The Cr-v is a pleasure to drive and deals well with both town and motorway road conditions, it’s also a very capable off roader, although many of those who drive the Cr-v never go off road. The fuel economy is good; it has a combined cycle of 43.5 mpg. As is the case with most of the Honda range the Cr-v has excellent residual values, which helps to keep the cost of leasing a Honda Cr-v low; when a contract hire company calculates the cost of leasing a particular vehicle, the car’s residual value  – what then car can be sold for at the end of the contract hire term -   is a crucial factor.

 This is a great looking vehicle and one of the toughest and highest quality SUV’s around. You can lease a Honda Cr-v for just £307 plus Vat per month. We have over twenty five different Cr-v models to choose from.  




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