Flying cars.

There is now a flying car called Terrafugia Transition, which has recently been given clearance to fly in the United States. The vehicle can apparently be used as a car but when required can open up its wings and fly at up to 115 mph, it will use somewhere around five gallons of fuel per hour. As a car it has a top speed of sixty five miles per hour.

The company says that it has had enquiries from British consumers, however until such time that it has been approved by the European Aviation Safety Agency, it will not be allowed to fly in the UK. But just how practical is this vehicle? Firstly it is only has two seats, which would be seen as a drawback by many. You will also need a normal driving licence and a pilot's licence.

There has been talk about flying over the traffic but if you are sitting in four lanes of motorway traffic, you can’t suddenly extend its wing – the wing span is over twenty eight feet - and fly off; you will need an airfield. The UK is not the same as the United States, where even quite small towns have an airfield.

So the question is, just how far out of your way are you going to go to find somewhere to take off and how far will the airfield you land in, be from your final destination? Another question is how are people going to fly these vehicles? Hopefully not in the same way that many people drive; misjudging distances and taking a wrong turn, is not the same thing when you are airbourne.

According to one newspaper, the Terrafugia will cost around £150,000, it then said “which is still £85,000 cheaper than a Rolls Royce Phantom” Okay but what’s the connection between a flying car and a Rolls Royce Phantom. Surely they are not suggesting that Rolls Royce owners will be chopping them in for a flying car?

In practice it is unlikely that anyone will replace their current vehicle for a flying car, some may buy one as a toy but realistically if you have that sort of money you could buy a small plane, drive to the airfield and just get a taxi at the other end. It might save you from having to drive around in something which is about as far removed from a Rolls Royce Phantom as you can get.


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